Plains learned this week that the Santa Barbara County Planning Department determined the permit application package is complete for the construction of Line 901R and 903R. This will begin the Environmental Impact Review process as prescribed by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), in coordination with numerous other affected permitting agencies.

Restoring pipeline transportation service will re-establish a critical link in the region’s infrastructure, connecting existing production with California refineries, and reducing dependence on energy produced outside the state. Once fully permitted, construction of the replacement pipelines would support more than 400 construction jobs, and 10 permanent jobs once in operation.

Plains is committed to designing, constructing, operating and maintaining these pipelines in a safe and reliable manner, and to meeting or exceeding regulatory standards. While Plains’ current plans are to pursue the replacement project and keep the existing pipelines shut down, repairing and restarting the existing pipelines remains a viable alternative should the permitting process for the replacement pipelines become excessively delayed, or if ongoing integrity and maintenance work on the northern portion of Line 903 verifies that portion of the pipeline can be safely restarted following the terms of the federal government’s Corrective Action Order.