Safe and Reliable Transportation for California's Energy Resources

Restoring Pipeline Service

Lines 901 and 903 from Las Flores Canyon to Pentland

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Restoring Pipeline Service

Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. is working to restore oil pipeline transportation services between Santa Barbara and Kern Counties. Restoring pipeline service provides a reliable transportation option for oil production, reducing the state's reliance on crude oil produced outside California in foreign countries.

Restoring pipeline service will re-establish a critical link in the region's energy infrastructure, connecting existing oil production with California refineries, and reducing dependence on foreign crude oil. 

Plains is committed to designing, constructing, and maintaining the pipeline in a safe, reliable manner, and to meeting or exceeding regulatory standards.



Plains is committed to designing, constructing, and maintaining Line 901R in a safe, reliable manner that meets or exceeds regulatory standards.

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Project Facts


Restoring the pipeline service will provide millions of dollars each year for local schools and government agencies that serve the public.

Community Impact


Learn about how the shutdown has eliminated jobs and displaced families, and the ways communities are poised to benefit from the restart.


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